Petro River Oil: The Intersection of Innovation & Oil Exploration
Petro uses cutting edge 3-D seismic technology to locate overlooked oil reserves and wells drilled as much as 50 years ago.
Use of Modern Tech In A Proven Industry
Implementing 3-d seismic imaging to identify heavily concentrated, overlooked oil fields
Original map of our concession in Osage County, Oklahoma. Traditional methods produced over 200 million BO adjacent to our concession area. 
With our usage of 3-D seismic imaging technology, we've made two field discoveries and identified multiple target enclosures, enabling accurate positioning of our exploratory wells.
Current Petro River Single Well Economics
The corresponding graph accounts for two successful discovery wells in our Osage County, OK property. With our acquisition of an additional 46.81% stake in our 106,500-acre concession, Petro now owns 75% of this proven field. Nine new development wells and three exploration wells are scheduled for this year, producing a total
prospective yield of 1.26 million BOE. 

Financing this project has been quickly arranged and closed with a large portion raised by management, reflecting its confidence in and commitment to the Company’s development and exploration plans.
West blackland
163% IRR
IP Rate: 71 BOE
EUR: 105,000 BOE
Cap Ex: $250,000
  • 1 Year: $511,725
  • 3 Year: $986,126
  • 5 Year: $1,270,373
  • Life of Well: $3,068,889
South blackland
73% IRR
IP Rate: 35 BOE
EUR: 63,000 BOE
Cap Ex: $250,000
  • 1 Year: $266,490
  • 3 Year: $540,712
  • 5 Year: $708,481
  • Life of Well: $1,600,096
Petro's Expansion Plan
2018 projections
Section 4 Prospect
  •  612 acres
  • ~50,000 BOE EUR/Well
  • Up to 300 wells (based on 20 acre spacing)
Section 13 Prospect
  • 350 acres
  • ~50,000 BOE EUR/Well
  • Up to 17 wells (based on 20 acre spacing)
North Blackland Prospect
  •  1400 acres
  • ~50,000 BOE EUR/Well
  • Up to 70 wells (based on 20 acre spacing)
In addition to the development wells in the Blacklands, Petro is scheduled to drill three exploration wells located within the 3-D seismic area in early 2018. Each well will cost approximately $225,000 to drill and prove 2,362 acres over three separate fields that have potential prospective resources totaling approximately 5.85 million BOE. The locations of the exploration wells were identified by our team based on our prior analysis and data from our exploration program.

Petro River Oil is expanding with a dynamic action plan, in sought-after oil fields, using state of the art 21st century technology, financing their deals efficiently and showing very impressive internal rates of returns, following the path but beating the numbers.
Stephen Brunner
Mr. Brunner is a petroleum engineer with over 30 years of operational experience in the exploration and production of domestic and international oil and gas assets. Mr. Brunner also has extensive public company management experience. Since 2008, Mr. Brunner has served as the President and CEO of Constellation Energy Partners, a New York Stock Exchange upstream master limited partnership company.
Scot cohen
Mr. Cohen has over 20 years of experience in institutional asset management, wealth management, and capital markets. Scot founded and served as Principal of the Iroquois Capital Opportunity Fund, a closed-end private equity fund which focused on investments in North American oil and gas. Mr. Cohen also co-founded Iroquois Capital, a New York based hedge fund which managed approximately $300M across its family of funds.   
Glenn c. pollack
Glenn C. Pollack is a Managing Director and Founder of Candlewood Partners, LLC, a merchant bank focused on middle market corporate finance and infrastructure projects. Prior to founding Candlewood, Mr. Pollack was a Managing Director and Principal of a middle market investment-banking firm with offices in Chicago and Cleveland.Mr. Pollack also spent five years as the CEO of a regional distributor of perishable foods with annual revenues of $180 million and over 250 employees in four states. 
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